O Hai, 2019!

We’re pleased to announce the dates for several local shows we’ve confirmed for 2019! For those who like to plan waaaaay ahead, here’s where you’ll find us next year:

We’re still confirming some convention dates as well, so stay tuned for those!

Want to book us for a show? Fill out our handy contact form.

Can’t wait to see y’all!

We're Gonna Be Part of the Doubleclicks' October Online Show!

We’re super excited to be special guests on the Doubleclicks’ October Online Show October 18!

We’ll be singing a few of our G-rated songs (yes, we have those, please don’t spread that around) and chatting with Laser and Aubrey. It’s a hangout, it’s a concert, it’s a party you can join from the comfort of your own home, in pajamas (or whatever - we don’t judge).

The link to the livestream will be posted in this Facebook event the day of the concert, so RSVP to stay in the loop!

ALSO! We are stoked to be the special guests for Lysistrata and Other Burlesque Tales of Rage at the Black Cat November 2! Tickets are $15 and available now.

Get your Maidens logo gear!

We've heard the cries from near and far - people want more Maidens merch, and they want to be able to order it from all over the world. So we have launched a brand-new shop on RedBubble with all kinds of print-on-demand Maidens logo merch - shirts, dresses, leggings, throw pillows, phone cases, backpacks, and more.

(For those far away who want our dice, coasters, etc. - stay tuned. We're investigating the possibility of being able to ship some of our "gig merch" in the future. No promises, but we are giving it some thought and exploring how it might be do-able.)

Our DragonCon Schedule is Up

At long last, we can announce a bunch of DragonCon 2018 wonderfulness!


First, our schedule is up! You can RSVP for individual events on Facebook, but here's the list:

(All events listed here are in the Hanover F/G room of the Hyatt (Exhibit Level).)

11:30 PM Friday, 8/31/18: CONCERT! We'll be singing nerdy and dirty delights!

7:00 PM Saturday, 9/1/18: GROUP SING! Join us, and many other amazing performers for "The World Of Harry Potter" group sing!

2:30 PM Sunday, 9/2/18: PANEL! We'll be discussing how to Kickstart an album with none other than The Doubleclicks!

10 PM Sunday, 9/2/18: ANOTHER CONCERT! More nerdy! More dirty! Don't miss it!

You will also be able to find us throughout the event at our merch table in the Marriott concourse, and possibly here and there at meet and greets, and open filk events (more on the filk track here)! COME SAY HI!

Our Sibs From Another Crib Will Be There!

We're beyond giddy that the PDX Broadsides, another nerdy, feminist, sex-positive, amazing band from the West coast, will be performing at DragonCon as well. Please give them some love and buy a lot of their merch so they don't have to bring it home on the plane!

Get Hype and Hear Us Squee on the ESO Podcast

Flint and Saber stopped by Earth Station One and recorded a podcast talking about DragonCon. Go give it a listen!

Hey DragonCon: We're Baaa-aack!

We're super excited to announce we'll be performing at DragonCon this September! We first performed at DragonCon in 2015, so we're super stoked to be back (especially since HOPEFULLY this time Lucky won't be in the damn hospital and can actually join us!). When the event gets closer, we should have some schedule details to share, but for now, know that we'll be there, performing and selling our wares!

While we're talking cons, we're also excited to announce we'll be performing at MarsCon (Virginia) for the first time this coming January!

Gigs and Kickstarters and New Music Videos, Oh My!


We've got a couple gigs coming up, two Kickstarters we'd like you to support, and a new music video in the works!


Our next performances will be:

You'll note we are on a brief hiatus May-June due to Virginia Renaissance Faire, but that's a great opportunity to see our Saber's other band, Scales and Crosstones, perform!

Kickstarters to Support

Speaking of Scales and Crosstones, they are just about to launch a Kickstarter for their fourth album! You can be notified when it launches by RSVPing for this Facebook event.

We're also super excited to announce that we'll be part of the lineup of a brand-new, Richmond-based geek music festival called RavenConcert in September! But because it's brand-new, it needs your support to make sure it happens. Go back the Kickstarter today!

New Music Video Coming Soon

We recently recorded a new music video for our song "Bibliophilia." We had fun broadcasting the process on our new Twitch channel last week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss it when it goes live!

A friendly introduction

Greetings, new fans and followers. Please keep your seatbelts fastened and note these important safety announcements:

We're nerdy, dirty, feminist, funny, and queer, and we sing music representative of that.

 We can be found on:

We have two albums! They're available in digital format on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. The first one is more "Ren Faire folk" and 100% a cappella. Second one is more nerdy/filky and has some ukulele in there.

We do 10-12 live shows a year, at fandom conventions and DC/Baltimore area bars and variety shows. Our upcoming shows are always listed on our website.

At our live shows, we sell merch, including shirts, stickers, drinkware, dice, pins, and more. We don't have an online store for physical merch yet, so be sure to catch us in person to get that sweet, sweet swag!

We have been performing together for five years! How the time flies!

If you want to support us, thank you! Some ways to do that:
1. Tell your friends about our music!
2. Come to a show!
3. Buy our albums and merch!
4. Tell your favorite fandom con you want to see us perform there!
5. Post glowing reviews on iTunes, Google Play, etc.!
6. If you really, really want to, you can tip us via PayPal at misbehavinmaidens@gmail.com.

That's also the email address where you can contact us for booking information, etc.

Got a question not covered here? Hit us up via email, our web contact form, Twitter, or FB messenger.

Thank you for your attention. If you haven't already, go give some love to some of our favorite bands, The PDX Broadsides, The Doubleclicks, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Lucia Fasano, Molly Lewis, Julia Nunes, Scales and Crosstones, Pirates for Sail, and Amanda Palmer!

Tune In for Our Live Show ON THE INTERNET Feb. 3

Join us from your very own home/lair/dungeon/sky kingdom/underwater base/moon sanctuary for a LIVE SHOW on the INTERNET Saturday, February 3! We'll be singing some music (including a brand-new song!) and then doing our popular drinking game panel. You won't want to miss us rolling D20s and telling our favorite silly stories from conventions!

RSVP for the Facebook event to be alerted to the link to watch the broadcast.

"Ya gotta be there" for the panel - we will only be archiving the concert portion online afterwards.

Got a song request? Hit us up on The Twitter.

**Recommend 18+ audience. We will swear and sing about sex. A lot.**

Update Regarding Wicked Faire 2018

When we choose where to perform, we take a lot of things into consideration. We love reaching new audiences. We're eager to support diverse communities. We want to support events where we both love to attend AND love to perform. But sometimes things change after commitments are made.

In light of recent revelations regarding Wicked Faire and its founder, we have made the decision to cancel our appearance at Wicked Faire this year, and will not apply to perform at future JME events.

We’ve never canceled a con appearance before, and we did not make this decision lightly. We take pride in honoring our commitments. To our fans who had looked forward to seeing our shows and panels, and to con staff and volunteers who will have to make last-minute changes to schedules, printed materials, and room setups, we sincerely apologize.

However, as a band and as individuals, we could not, in good conscience, continue associating our name with this event. Please note that we won’t discuss the accusations on our social media channels, and we will delete comments about the accusations from this thread. There are legal issues at play here, so we ask that you please respect this request. There are other venues where they can be discussed, if you wish to do so.

In lieu of our Wicked Faire performances, we are planning a live-streamed concert and panel discussion Saturday, Feb. 3. The concert will be available to watch on our YouTube channel anytime after the show. We’ll be debuting at least one brand-new song during the show, and we’ll present one of our popular panels after the concert. Grab a drink and join us for some fun!

Thank you all for your understanding and continued support. We know our fans hold us to a high standard, and we work hard to live up to it.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Shenanigans

As a band that has been proudly ruining sea shanties for nigh on 5 years now, we had a blast performing on Talk Like a Pirate Day at The Limerick Pub.  We debuted the third of our newest songs from the past two months: "Mansplain Man," set to the tune of "Hanging Johnny." The crowd also laughed along with our other two newest: "Bibliophilia" and "Do You Take It Up the Ass?" (The latter written and made famous by Four Poofs and a Piano.) And best of all, the Limerick had 5 drink specials on our honor: the Mist-behavin' Maiden, the Rouge, the Velvet Saber, the Lucky Annie, and Blood of Flint's Enemies.

Our next show is Oct. 11 at the New Deal Café. Hope to see you there! 



Thanks to Camp Variety Cabaret for including us as the Misbehavin' Crew of the USS Enterprise last night at WE BOLDLY GO: A CABARET WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE! It was so fun to don our new Starfleet uniforms and perform with so many passionate Trekkies.

Next up: Our Talk Like a Pirate Day show Sept. 19 at the Limerick Pub, and then we return to the New Deal Cafe on October 11! Plus more gigs in November!

Until then...four to beam out!


2018. It's full of gigs!

We know it's only August and barely time to even bust out the Halloween decorations (not that that's stopping Rouge), and YET somehow our 2018 has already gotten very full! Which is amazing!

We're still waiting to announce one more gig (watch for that in the next few weeks), but we already have 10 gigs on the calendar for next year. WOW!

We're especially stoked to be making return appearances at RavenCon and Wicked Faire, two of our favorite cons!

On Pastius Revelio and supporting our transgender brothers and sisters

What. An. Amazing. Night.

Pastius Revelio: A Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter was everything we remembered and hoped it would be, and so much more. Performing on the main stage of the Black Cat DC was so fucking rad, y'all. And what an amazing audience! 300 delightfully nerdy, twisted weirdos who clapped and laughed and hooted and hollered and FED OUR SOULS.

Big thanks to Evil League of EcdysiastsThe Palace ProductionsCherie Sweetbottom, and the entire cast of amazing and talented people. It was an honor to perform with you all. And thanks to Evan AKA Newt Scamander for running our merch booth!

And as icing on the cake...between giving our cut of Bandcamp sales and the physical CD sales at Pastius Revelio, we raised $300 for the Transgender Law Center. WOW. You all are amazing, and we are so thrilled to be able to support such an important cause in such a big way.

Want to see us again? Our next gigs are:
Sept. 15: We Boldly Go: A Cabaret Where No One Has Gone BeforeBlack Cat DC
Sept. 19: Misbehavin' Maidens Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day at The Limerick Pub, Wheaton, MD
Oct. 11: Misbehavin' Maidens Return to the New Deal Cafe! at New Deal Cafe, Greenbelt, MD

Kickstarter Success!

I just keep reading this sentence: 

355 backers pledged $10,520 to help bring this project to life.

355 of you! That's absolutely incredible. There aren't enough thank you's in the world. We are so humbled by your support. We can't wait to bring you an absolutely stellar album.

During the final hour of the campaign, we hosted a Facebook Live event from the studio. If you missed it, never fear, you can still watch! It's split into two events - you can watch here and here. (Lucky accidentally hit the wrong button 10 minutes from the end, and we had to start a separate recording.)

 These are our "We just raised $10,520 on Kickstarter!" faces.

These are our "We just raised $10,520 on Kickstarter!" faces.

We're going to keep you posted as the album progresses. So far, the studio time has been incredibly productive, so we're anticipating having recording complete by early March, then do mixing and fixing in March and early April, and then send the CD off to the printer in early May.

Vote 4 Maidens!

If you have a moment, we'd love it if you could vote for us as Best Local Original Band in the Washington City Paper's "Best of DC." It only takes 30 seconds!

Thank you all, again, so much, for your generosity, for spreading the word, for the excitement that kept us going throughout this campaign. You are amazing!

Kickstarter Update: Whoaaaa, we're halfway there!

 Greetings and salutations!

Greetings and salutations!

As I write this update (from the studio! with all Maidens present for the first time since we started recording this thing!), we're on Day 16 of our 30-day campaign - just over the halfway mark. Thanks to all of you, we have a little over $8,200 pledged so far!

Remember, if we reach $9,000, everyone who pledged $18+ will receive a set of 4 coasters and a digital-exclusive blooper reel in addition to the bonus magnet and other rewards you've selected! (We're also in the process of coming up with a $10,000 stretch goal - stay tuned!)

As mentioned in a previous update...

More money raised through Kickstarter = 
Less we have to spend from our savings = 
More opportunities for us to perform at cons, more cushion to cope with the unexpected, and more new merch available to sell at our shows!

So please keep spreading the word!


Today is our fourth studio recording session, and as I type this, Flint is recording the principal vocals for "Rummer, the Rumrunner." It's so cool to hear her finally record this song, after I've been performing it with her for 6 years between two different bands! It sounds so fecking awesome, y'all. I can't wait for you to hear it. 

At this point, we've laid down partial recordings for every song on the album, which is a huge milestone.

Here's a glimpse behind the curtain for organization geeks (like me). We're using an app called Trello to track the progress of each song as it goes through the process.

Each song is represented by a little card that can be dragged between lists labeled "To Do," "Recording in Process," "Ready to Mix," "Mixing & Cleanup," and "Ready for CD." Since each person's part gets recorded separately (so we can make sure everyone sounds good on every part of every track), each card also expands to show a tiny checklist of the parts that have been recorded and still need to be recorded, like so:

We're slightly ahead of our plan at this point, which is fantastic. The experience from recording our first album is paying off, and our friends at Asparagus Media Studios are bloody efficient.

People We <3

I gushed in a previous update about Amanda F'ing Palmer retweeting a link to our campaign, and Earth Station One featuring us on their podcast, which were both awesome, but I wanted to give some love to a few more of our favorite musicians, writers, and performers who have been kind enough to promote the campaign, too:

GIANT THANKS to all of you, and to anyone we may have inadvertently missed in this list! And thanks again to absolutely everyone who has backed the project and continued to share the link with friends and online groups.

Until next time, keep circulating the tapes - er, keep sharing the link!

-"Lucky" Annie