CD 3 is Coming, and You Can Help Make It Awesome

If you were one of the lucky folks at our MarsCon shows this weekend, you heard our big news: We’re making a third album! HOLY SHIT!

Many diabolical plots are happening behind the scenes right now, but here’s what we can tell you, to start:

  1. Recording is IN PROCESS. Thanks to all you wonderful folx buying merch and being so supportive, we’ve been able to hoard enough funds to start the recording process early. You are AWESOME.

  2. To whet your insatiable appetites, a new single will be released SOON on Bandcamp. Keep an eye out!

  3. We’ll be launching the Kickstarter in a few months (April-ish). The Kickstarter will be raising money to print the actual CDs and get you some really cool new swag!

  4. We’re planning to have the album released before September of this year (maybe sooner!).

We’d love you to be a part of this amazing process! Here are some ways you can do that!

  1. Sign up for our e-mail list! As anyone with a brand presence on social media will tell you, the algorithms (the evil robots that decide what content you see) have been getting worse and worse over the last few years. The mailing list is the way you can ensure you’ll know when we launch our Kickstarter and when the CD is released. (We promise not to spam you. We only use the mailing list for Really Important Stuff.)

  2. Tell us what kind of rewards you’d like to see!

  3. Send us a video! For our Kickstarter video, we’d like to include our amazing fans! We’re looking for very short (a few seconds) videos from as many folx as possible! Details are below - deadline is Feb. 28.

How to Submit a Video:

  1. Read the logistical notes below!

  2. Take a 5-15 second video of you saying:

    1. Why you like the Misbehavin’ Maidens OR why you’re excited for the new album (or both!)

    2. Your favorite swear word (this probably won’t be on the Kickstarter itself because of content restrictions, but we’d like to make a compilation video for YouTube) (this part is optional)

  3. Send us the video, via google drive or dropbox, to: by Feb. 28.

  4. Fill out this form to give us your name and permission:


  • MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Please turn your phone sideways! You can film this video with a camera, a phone, whatever (high quality is great within reason)—but PLEASE make sure it’s horizontal, like a movie, not vertical, like a selfie.

  • Look for the best possible lighting—brighter is better!

  • Make sure there’s a minimum of background noise.

  • Acceptable formats: 3GP, AVI, MP4 and Quicktime. And don’t make the final over a gig, for the sake of our precious hard drive space.

  • If you’re using Dropbox, please send us a link to the FILE, not the FOLDER, that makes it easier!! Make sure it’s got open permissions.

  • CONSENT is mandatory. Don’t take a video of someone who doesn’t know what’s happening! Please!

  • Don’t send us multiple takes or options, just pick your favorite for each person/group! We trust your judgment!

  • Don’t overthink it! We just want to see your face and hear you talk. You don’t need to launch a full-scale film production. A selfie video of just your face is fine!

(BTW thanks to The Doubleclicks for having this process down to a science so we knew what to ask for and how to ask for it. Go tell them they’re awesome on Twitter.)