Behind the Music: "I Wanna Make Out With You at Cons"

By “Lucky” Annie LeBlanc

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1. This is the first original I've written that was actually performed! My friend Phoebe helped me with the uke chord progression and I practiced it for months before I nervously brought it to the band. I was so excited that they liked it and wanted to perform it.

2. I have a bit of a... history? reputation? for developing crushes on cosplayers at fandom cons. In a few, shining cases, those crushes have evolved into makeout buddies. More often, they have resulted in either me failing to work up the courage to ask them, me being unavailable for casual makeouts, or asking and embarrassing myself.

3. The best improv banter we've ever had for this song was at Dragon Con 2018:

Me: "This song is NOT based on a true story."
Saber: "Maybe someday you'll be able to say that with a straight face."
Me: "Oh honey, I am FAR too queer to do anything with a straight face."

Fun postscript: a dude came up to me after the show to tell me he thought I was awesome, but "it's too bad you're gay!" I paused, and said something like, "I'm pansexual, not gay - I like all genders, but I'm taken right now" and he was like, "Oh," and walked away.

4. The breakdown, with "I finally worked up the courage to ask you, but then my heart just broke because your Facebook status changed to 'in a relationship'" is based on a true personal experience, and is actually the incident that fueled me to write this song in the first place. So thank you, dude who ended up being taken off the market. I think the song was worth the rejection, and I'm pretty happy with my current relationship situation. Everybody wins!

5. It's always a thrill when we perform this live at the point where, just before the final chorus, I yell, "Everyone!" and people sing along. I want to bottle that feeling.