ANOTHER Album Release? Sort Of! Not Really!

Surprise! We just released ANOTHER album (sort of, not really)!


We've recently heard from some fans who adore our music, but want to be able to play our PG-rated stuff for their kids without having to aggressively skip past our raunchier tracks in the car.

Though we will never bill ourselves as a children's or all-ages band, we appreciate that people find our music inspiring and funny and want to share it with people who don't necessarily need to hear songs about pegging or how much we love the word "fuck."

If you've held off buying our music because of the explicit content, now you can buy JUST the PG stuff at Bandcamp. **NONE of these tracks are new - all are songs included in our previous 3 albums.**

If you already own our music but want to be able to easily segment out the PG stuff, we've also turned this album into playlists!