Music Video Plotting Begins! Also, Dragon Con was A+, Twitch News, and Albums You Should Get

We've started our music video plotting with Laser Webber of The Doubleclicks! We had a great meeting with them last week to start to scope out initial concepts and look at timelines. Fingers crossed, we should be shooting the video in early 2020. We're so excited and thankful that our Kickstarter backers helped make this dream happen by taking us past our $20,000 stretch goal. We can't say it enough: THANK YOU.

(And beeteedubs, Laser has a new book available for pre-order and you should definitely go get it: Crowdfunding for Musicians!)

We had a fantastic time at Dragon Con - thanks to everyone who came to our shows! We were shocked to find nearly 300 people at each of our concerts - y'all rock so hard! PLUS we got to pal around with our cuddle enemies The PDX Broadsides a bunch, which is always amazing. (We're opening for them Oct. 6 in Greenbelt, Md., BTW.)

We love these weird-ass Muppets SO DAMN MUCH

We love these weird-ass Muppets SO DAMN MUCH

We're doing more livestreaming on Twitch lately, too! We've got Rouge mixing up cocktails and Annie cooking things on alternate Monday evenings (EDT), and Flint is doing gaming streaming on Sundays. Stay tuned for exact times on our Twitter and we'll post a formal schedule soon.

Final thought: In case you missed the Kickstarters for these, there are awesome new albums available from a bunch of our friends right now and you should definitely give them a listen:

Our DragonCon Schedule is Up

At long last, we can announce a bunch of DragonCon 2018 wonderfulness!


First, our schedule is up! You can RSVP for individual events on Facebook, but here's the list:

(All events listed here are in the Hanover F/G room of the Hyatt (Exhibit Level).)

11:30 PM Friday, 8/31/18: CONCERT! We'll be singing nerdy and dirty delights!

7:00 PM Saturday, 9/1/18: GROUP SING! Join us, and many other amazing performers for "The World Of Harry Potter" group sing!

2:30 PM Sunday, 9/2/18: PANEL! We'll be discussing how to Kickstart an album with none other than The Doubleclicks!

10 PM Sunday, 9/2/18: ANOTHER CONCERT! More nerdy! More dirty! Don't miss it!

You will also be able to find us throughout the event at our merch table in the Marriott concourse, and possibly here and there at meet and greets, and open filk events (more on the filk track here)! COME SAY HI!

Our Sibs From Another Crib Will Be There!

We're beyond giddy that the PDX Broadsides, another nerdy, feminist, sex-positive, amazing band from the West coast, will be performing at DragonCon as well. Please give them some love and buy a lot of their merch so they don't have to bring it home on the plane!

Get Hype and Hear Us Squee on the ESO Podcast

Flint and Saber stopped by Earth Station One and recorded a podcast talking about DragonCon. Go give it a listen!

Hey DragonCon: We're Baaa-aack!

We're super excited to announce we'll be performing at DragonCon this September! We first performed at DragonCon in 2015, so we're super stoked to be back (especially since HOPEFULLY this time Lucky won't be in the damn hospital and can actually join us!). When the event gets closer, we should have some schedule details to share, but for now, know that we'll be there, performing and selling our wares!

While we're talking cons, we're also excited to announce we'll be performing at MarsCon (Virginia) for the first time this coming January!

2018. It's full of gigs!

We know it's only August and barely time to even bust out the Halloween decorations (not that that's stopping Rouge), and YET somehow our 2018 has already gotten very full! Which is amazing!

We're still waiting to announce one more gig (watch for that in the next few weeks), but we already have 10 gigs on the calendar for next year. WOW!

We're especially stoked to be making return appearances at RavenCon and Wicked Faire, two of our favorite cons!