About the Band

Misbehavin' Maidens Not-So-Serious Heart Hands

The Misbehavin' Maidens are a bawdy nerd-folk comedy band comprised of four women from the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area with a love of feminist, sex-positive music, LGBTQIA+ representation, parodies, drinking & fandom references for the 18+ geek crowd.

Performing in cosplay, pirate garb, and occasionally plain clothes, the group can be found at local theme bars and fandom conventions all across the country, entertaining those who are young at heart, but who have their minds in the gutter. The group has performed at Dragon Con, MarsCon, MISTI-Con, RavenCon, Nauticons, several D.C./Baltimore area burlesque and variety shows, and local theme bars, most frequently at the Limerick Pub in Wheaton, Md.

The band, which began rehearsing together in late 2012 and performed in public together for the first time in May of 2013, consists of four members: Flint Locke, "Lucky" Annie LeBlanc, Rouge O’Malley, and Saber Tompson. While all of the ladies come from a "pirate" background, they embrace a wide range of subcultures, offering musical tributes to everything from steampunk to anime.

After wildly successful Kickstarters, their debut, independently-released album, "Busted," was released August 15, 2015; their second album, "Sloppy Seconds," was released April 11, 2017; and their third album, “Swearing is Caring,” was released July 10, 2019.

Love from our fans

In preparation for our third album Kickstarter, we asked our fans what they most appreciated about the Maidens. Here's what they said.

"Sex positivity you can sing to!" -Good Vibrations

“Their music is like if Weird Al was 4 sex-positive women who swear a lot.” - The Doubleclicks

"I sure like women singing dirty!" - Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

"The Misbehavin' Maidens were a welcome regular in the DC Weirdo Show from 2013-2015. The monthly Weirdo Show did not feature a revolving cast, but rather each month brought all new acts, with few exceptions: the Maidens being one of those. The Maidens were repeatedly requested by audience members to return and always brought large groups of fans whenever they performed. Always professional and always entertaining, the Maidens brought a delightful naughtiness embellished by angelic faces. The Maidens are absolutely on my list of performers to call for future shows." -Kellan Hancock

"I love these ladies! I knew them before they were famous, and even had the pleasure of playing with them during their first gig. I count myself fortunate to have known and worked with each and every one of the Misbehavin Maidens -- they are smart, clever, creative, talented and bring much needed fun and abandon to the stage. They hold NOTHING back, and their fans know and appreciate their talent and humor. They fill a much needed musical niche in our entertainment world, and I'm so glad they're here. Thanks, guys! I look forward to visiting (and hopefully playing) with them in the future!" -Edie MacKay (Ginger O'Danny)

"When my favorite bar closed, I didn't think I'd find that atmosphere anywhere else. That's why my heart filled with joy when I saw the charming and talented Misbehavin' Maidens performing live on stage again. They were new to the crowd, but, like magic, they had them cheering, laughing, and singing along immediately. These lewd lyrical lasses won't let you down!" -Chris Russo

"The Maidens started as (and are still) a group of nerdy ladies making beautiful, hilariously NSFW music. In the past couple of years, their harmonies have gotten tighter and their lyrics have gotten funnier and geekier. Check them out if you're interested in laughing your ass off to fandom-spanning dirty jokes, singing about masturbation and body autonomy (just for starters), and basking in their world-saving, sex-positive, queer, feminist feels." -Marnie May

"I had the pleasure of sharing the stage (and the dressing room!) with the Misbehavin Maidens in Baltimore, MD for The Evil League of Ecdysiasts' Harry Potter burlesque show in 2016. They are not only a joy to listen to, but an awesome and friendly group to chat with backstage." -Sebastian Katz, Drag King

"The Misbehavin' Maidens' music is catchy and fun enough to be welcome to get stuck in my head all day, as it sometimes does. Skilled singing, clever lyrics, and rich harmonies make their music a joy to listen to." -Sara B.

"I first met the Misbehavin’ Maidens at the old Piratz Tavern before they formed the band, when they were singing with the Pirates for Sail and Scales and Crosstones. Knowing the musical talents of these young ladies, I knew they would form an awesome band, and at the first concert of the Misbehavin’ Maidens. I was proven right. The Misbehavin’ Maidens' repertoires are adult themes with lots of humor laced inside. This means that I will always be in good company of people who have a good sense of humor. As I tell my friends and people I run into, the Misbehavin’ Maidens' repertoire is strictly 'ARR rated,' and most people seem to get the joke." -Geoffrey D., AKA Narwhal Ned