So uh...the Kickstarter ended last night, and y'all came through in a big big way. That final stretch goal that will allow us to make a pro music video with Laser from the Doubleclicks? F***ing CRUSHED.


We are (literally) FLOORED. And we had a ball watching the final numbers come in - you can watch the shenanigans here if you missed the livestream. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, at any point, both monetarily and by helping us spread the word. We are so f**king gobsmacked by the groundswell of support. We cannot thank you enough.

So...What Comes Next?

  • Expect surveys from BackerKit before the end of the month - HOPEFULLY next week, because we'd like to get pre-orders set up before our Doubleclicks shows. (Tickets are still available for both shows, BTW.) Surveys will be up no longer than two weeks, because we are hoping to have all rewards physically in hand by mid-June to begin the process of fulfillment. So when you get the survey, please fill it out IMMEDIATELY so we know how much stuff to order.

  • The CD should be sent to the duplication service before the end of the month, too. We're in the final stages of fixing little things on the mixes, and hope to have the album mastered and sent to the printer in the next couple of weeks.

  • The early-release single should be released this month. Keep an eye out.

  • For those who are local-ish, we'll be planning an album launch party in June or July. Stay tuned. Much like with our previous albums, this will be a way you can pick up your rewards in person.

Paying It Forward

We've mentioned these fine folx a few times now, but our band BFFs the PDX Broadsides have a couple weeks left on their Kickstarter and could use your support. Here are a few reasons they deserve your love:

  • The anti-catcalling song "Smile!" we perform on "Swearing is Caring"? They wrote it and performed it on their album "Something's Rotten." 

  • They have delightfully nerdy songs about science, feelings, Welcome to Nightvale, Bitch Planet, Studio Ghibli, Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, and Steven Universe, among other things.

  • If their Kickstarter funds, they'll be touring the East Coast and performing gigs with us! You KNOW you want to see what kind of hilarious shenanigans ensue when that happens.

  • They just released this rad music video, officially called "Winter is Coming," unofficially called "Arya Stark Is Over Your S**t." It's a song from the album they are Kickstarting right now. Take a listen - it's musically complex, lyrically fierce, and GORGEOUS. 

So please back the PDX Broadsides "Relatable Content" Kickstarter. And if you're tapped out financially, please tell your friends about it. It would mean a lot to us.

Again, we can't thank you enough for your support. Have an amazing weekend and we'll check back in with you when surveys are set up.