Talk Like a Pirate Day Shenanigans

As a band that has been proudly ruining sea shanties for nigh on 5 years now, we had a blast performing on Talk Like a Pirate Day at The Limerick Pub.  We debuted the third of our newest songs from the past two months: "Mansplain Man," set to the tune of "Hanging Johnny." The crowd also laughed along with our other two newest: "Bibliophilia" and "Do You Take It Up the Ass?" (The latter written and made famous by Four Poofs and a Piano.) And best of all, the Limerick had 5 drink specials on our honor: the Mist-behavin' Maiden, the Rouge, the Velvet Saber, the Lucky Annie, and Blood of Flint's Enemies.

Our next show is Oct. 11 at the New Deal Café. Hope to see you there!