Kickstarter Success!

I just keep reading this sentence: 

355 backers pledged $10,520 to help bring this project to life.

355 of you! That's absolutely incredible. There aren't enough thank you's in the world. We are so humbled by your support. We can't wait to bring you an absolutely stellar album.

During the final hour of the campaign, we hosted a Facebook Live event from the studio. If you missed it, never fear, you can still watch! It's split into two events - you can watch here and here. (Lucky accidentally hit the wrong button 10 minutes from the end, and we had to start a separate recording.)

These are our "We just raised $10,520 on Kickstarter!" faces.

These are our "We just raised $10,520 on Kickstarter!" faces.

We're going to keep you posted as the album progresses. So far, the studio time has been incredibly productive, so we're anticipating having recording complete by early March, then do mixing and fixing in March and early April, and then send the CD off to the printer in early May.

Vote 4 Maidens!

If you have a moment, we'd love it if you could vote for us as Best Local Original Band in the Washington City Paper's "Best of DC." It only takes 30 seconds!

Thank you all, again, so much, for your generosity, for spreading the word, for the excitement that kept us going throughout this campaign. You are amazing!